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Meet Dr. Czech

Dr. Czech is committed to providing his patients with the best orthodontic care available. 

He has worked in orthodontics for over 20 years, and is one of the premier orthodontic providers for children, teens, and adults. Dr. Czech was the one of the first doctors in the area of Ulm to offer Lingual Braces (placed behind the teeth). He has been recognized as a "Top 50 Incognito Professional in Germany".

Our goal in moving teeth and jaws  to improve our patients’ health, function, and look. We provide all facets of the best state of the art orthodontics including Invisalign, removable appliances, lingual and traditional fixed braces, and retainers.

Dr. Czech is passionate about his work in orthodontics. He believes in providing his patients traditional hands-on care, combined with the most advanced treatment options.  His patients are his primary focus. He strives to meet the unique needs of each patient in his practice. Dedication, experience, and respect – Dr. Czech wants to make sure that every one of his patients achieves the beautiful and healthy smile they've always wanted.

Dr. Czech received his dental degree from the University of  Würzburg – Germany. He was trained the University of Sakatchewan – Canada. He participated in the 3-year postgraduate program in orthodontic and orofacial orthopedics at he University of Mainz - Germany. He specialized in aesthetic orthodontics and lingual appliances.

We are centrally located on the Market Place (Marktplatz) in Ulm, close to the public library and music school.

Contact our English speaking office to schedule your initial consultation and begin your smile transformation today.

Phone: +49 731 62 000

Marktplatz 15+16

89073 Ulm – Germany

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